Happy New Year!

Happy 2013. Yesterday, the BBC reported that Burma celebrated its first New Year countdown after years of political clampdown and a strict ban on public gatherings…

There were fireworks and entertainment in Rangoon as thousands of people congregated to see in 2013, which I hope will see tensions continue to ease and freedom increase for the Burmese people. The country is high up on my wish-list of places to visit, not least to see the ancient city of Bagan, once home to over 10,000 Buddhist temples.

Buddhist temples were another highlight of a New Year I spent in Sri Lanka four years ago – at the time the country was suffering an internecine war and yet the people were so desperate for visitors to come.


This year, Sri Lanka is topping the “where to see in 2013” lists, and after enjoying one of my best new year celebrations there on the south coast in Unawatuna (read my article here), I’m keen to go back too. Next time, the north and east coasts will be the focus of my attention.

Happy New Year to everyone and happy travels in 2013!


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