The New York Diet: Shopping

After breakfast, it was time to burn off the pancakes.

So, a quick scythe through SoHo to Dean & Deluca. Occupying the corner of Broadway and Prince Street, this elegant food emporium will whet the appetite no matter how big a breakfast you’ve just eaten.


Hyacinths scent the air as you walk through the fresh flower section to reach fruit, vegetables, the bakery … ¬†and so it goes on, unfolding in Alice-in-Wonderland-like layers of deliciousness.


Some favourites: Marley “Stir it Up” coffee; sparkly star cookies (see above); a whole fridge full of unusual craft ales, including an espresso stout from Japan; white bean, coriander and sesame bruschetta topping; maple butter; spiced almond gourmet popcorn (main ingredient: butter); the olfactory temptations of the cheese counter… I had to stop myself from going back in there today.



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